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Custom made pieces for your Special Events

Bee•spoke by Bee•nené is a line where we make custom made-to-order pieces for your children (nenés) to wear on a special occassion. Get inspired and design with us the perfect piece for your wedding's flower girls and ring bearers, baptism, first communion, bar Mitzvah, religious event, or your child's birthday. With Bee•spoke we'll bring your imagination to life.

Bee•spoke Baptisms

Bee•spoke Baptism is our line where we make from faldellines (skirts) to your baby's post-christening outfit with finely chosen fabrics such as piqué, organza, cotton. No matter how old your baby is, we will design a perfect outfit to preserve (or create if you don't already have them) traditions that will pass from generation to generation.

Bee•spoke Cortejos

With Bee•spoke Cortejos we make the outfits for your little flower girls and ring bearers. With your input, we will make sure that our designs hare cohesive with your wedding's mood board, accompanying you in your big day with the look you always dreamed of.

Bee•spoke Cortejos

Con Bee•spoke Cortejos confeccionamos los trajes para tus pajecitos, o como suelen llamarse en inglés: flower girls y ring boys…junto a ti nos aseguraremos que tu cortejo convine perfectamente con todo el mood board de tu matrimonio o boda acompañándote en tu gran día con el cortejo que siempre soñaste.

Bee•spoke Piñatas

With Bee•spoke Piñatas we make the perfect twinning, matching the outfit's design with the theme of your party, in the color and fabric that you prefer. We will work with you to design the perfect outfit so that your child - and even their siblings - look spectacular and are comfortable to enjoy your dream piñata (party).

Bee•spoke Inquiries

Si quieres una pieza hecha a mano y a la medida, por favor llena este formulario y te contactaremos lo antes posible.

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