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About Bee•nené

Bee∙nené, is a children's fashion brand that seeks to connect with the traditions of its Venezuelan founders Daniela Court and Valentina Gordon, who came together thanks to motherhood to make this dream come true.

While pregnant, they dreamed of dressing their children with the same customs that the women in their family instilled in them: from a yellow outfit on the day of their birth for good luck, the baptism faldellín (skirt) that all the cousins have worn, the traditional piñata dresses (with bows, details and petticoat) and the typical outfit for Sunday family gatherings.

Thus, at the end of 2018 they were stung by the bee to create Bee∙nené – which was born as a play on the verb to be in English (Be) and nené, as babies are commonly called in Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

In the Bee∙nené collections you will always find fresh fabrics, cottons, linens and piqués, with hand-embroidered smocking techniques, embroidered strips, lace and bows. And there is nothing that its founders like more than #beenenetwinning, that is, creating clothes where little girls and boys can be combined but each dressed according to their age. All the outfits range from newborn size, with the knitted sets, skirts and pajamas, up to size 6 with its dresses, skirts, shirts and shorts.

Its founders feel deep pride in producing all their pieces locally in Venezuela and their shoes in Spain. After being the first brand made in Venezuela to enter Maisonette at the end of 2019, one of the most prestigious children's fashion e-commerce in the United States, they dream of continuing to carry the name of Venezuela up high. Betting on the country, and in an unprecedented year for the world, they opened their flagship store in December 2020 to give all their #beenenelovers a space to live this Bee∙nené experience up close. They aspire to continue expanding their roots and producing collections to dress children from head to toe, in the best Bee∙nené style, today and for generations to come.

Beespoke by Beenene

About Bee•spoke by Bee•nené

Bee•spoke by Bee•nené is a line where we make custom-made pieces specifically for your children to use at that special event. You just have to get inspired and we help you design that little outfit for your wedding flower girls and ring bearers, for your baptism or christening, first communion, bar mitzvah, religious event or even your baby's piñata (party). With Bee•spoke we make what you imagine come true.

Beenene y la comunidad

About Bee•nené y how we give back

In March 2019, Daniela and Valentina, through Bee•nené, became ambassadors for Comparte por una Vida, a non-profit foundation that helps feed Venezuelan children who cross the Colombian-Venezuelan border and find themselves in a vulnerable situation.

They started with a special edition where they launched 100 Bee∙nené x Comparte por una Vida bracelets and with the sales of these bracelets they managed to provide 2,500 meals for children. Seeking to take this impact to the next level, they later made a special collaboration with the Colombian artist Paula Sarmiento from La Obra de Arte soy Yo to launch a Mommy & Me collection where 10% of sales were directed to the Foundation. Their commitment has continued day by day and by October 2021 they have been able to deliver more than 3,300 meals. In December 2021 Bee∙nené launched its #donatubeenene campaign where the brand's customers (better known as #beenenelovers) donated Bee∙nené outfits that their children no longer wore so that the children of Comparte por una Vida could use them.

Daniela and Valentina are very proud to be Comparte por una Vida ambassadors and will continue to carry out projects to help children who cross the Colombian-Venezuelan border.